The NC State Plant Transformation Laboratory (PTL) provides innovative solutions, technologies, expertise, training, and services for research and applications related to plant transformation. The PTL staff and facilities are available for research collaborations; core resources are available for user-driven projects with cost recovery; fee-based plant transformation services can be provided for the NC State community and external partners.


The NC State PTL provides a collaborative, innovation hub for plant tissue culture and transformation that yields new knowledge and technologies, student training, and improved crops and collaborations that enhance North Carolina’s economy and well-being.

Plant Transformations

arabidopsis transformation
Arabidopsis Transformation

apple transformation
Apple Transformation

cherry transformation
Cherry Transformation

corn transformation
Corn Transformation

cotton transformation
Cotton Transformation

lettuce transformation
Lettuce Transformation

miscanthus transformation
Miscanthus Transformation

rose transformation
Rose Transformation

soybean transformation
Soybean Transformation

strawberry transformation
Strawberry Transformation

sweetpotato transformation
Sweetpotato Transformation

tomato transformation
Tomato Transformation


Stem Cells

Corn stem cells
Corn stem cells
Cotton stem cells
Cotton stem cells
rose stem cells
Rose stem cells
sweetpotato stem cells
Sweetpotato stem cells